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Efva Attling
champagne coupe flute
glass wine red white
symbols wedding


Symbols from Orrefors:
Miss Butterfly ”Back in the 80’s at the startof my music career, I wrote the song ’Miss Butterfly’. It was one of my first songs and the lyrics were about love (of course) and how precious it is. When love strikes it´s a gift and you shouldn’t hold on too tight because it might fly away, just like a butterfly.” – Efva Attling

Catch a Falling Star - ”Catch a falling star and wish for everything you dream about. Only you can make your dreams come true.” –Efva Attling

Twosome - ”One ring is square and one ring is round, like two people with unique personalities that complement each other and become a stronger unit.” Efva Attling
Symbols Champagne Coupe Butterfly 2-pack
SEK 1,280SEK 1,600
Symbols Champagne Flute You & Me 2-pack
SEK 899SEK 1,600
Symbols Wine Star 2-pack
by Efva Attling
SEK 899SEK 1,600