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 wedding white 

Erika Lagerbielke
wine glass red white rose
champagne beer tumbler
ice beverage snaps water
martini decanter of dof snifter


Divine is Orrefors’s tribute to the Swedish Royal Wedding 2010 created by designer, Erika Lagerbielke, who has also designed the Parliament and Government’s gift to the Crown Princess Couple. This sparkling, classical- style collection is for those radiant moments we will long remember.

The elegant simplicity of the glasses with their poetic, crystal-clear, ice decoration captures different aspects of light and they are just as delightful to hold as to behold. Designed especially to enhance the bouquet and taste of their contents. Naturally, Divine is handmade by our skilled Swedish glassblowers.
Divine White Wine
by Erika Lagerbielke
SEK 329SEK 500
Divine Tumbler
by Erika Lagerbielke
SEK 299SEK 450
Divine Red Wine
by Erika Lagerbielke
SEK 419SEK 500